Does Vivint Cameras Record 24/7?

One of the key features of a home security system is the ability to record footage of any suspicious activity that may occur on your property. Many homeowners wonder if Vivint cameras are capable of recording 24/7 to provide continuous surveillance of their home. The answer to this question depends on the specific camera model and the settings you choose for your system.

Vivint Camera Models

Vivint offers a range of security cameras, including indoor and outdoor models, as well as doorbell cameras. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, for example, is equipped with advanced features such as infrared night vision and a wide-angle lens to capture clear footage day or night. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro allows you to see and speak to visitors at your door through the Vivint app.

Recording Options

While Vivint cameras do have the capability to record footage, the recording options may vary depending on your subscription plan. With a Vivint Smart Home monitoring plan, you can choose to have your cameras record continuously or only when motion is detected. Continuous recording allows you to capture footage 24/7, providing a comprehensive view of activity on your property.


Recorded footage from Vivint cameras is stored in the Vivint Smart Drive, a device that connects to your Vivint system and provides secure storage for your video recordings. The amount of storage available on the Vivint Smart Drive will depend on the specific plan you choose, with options for 30 days or more of video history.


In conclusion, Vivint cameras do have the capability to record 24/7, depending on your subscription plan and settings. With the right camera model and storage options, you can ensure that your home is under constant surveillance and that you have access to recorded footage in the event of any security incidents. Contact Vivint for more information on their camera options and recording capabilities.

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