Do Arlo Cameras Record 24/7?

Arlo cameras are popular for their advanced security features and ease of use. One common question that many people have is whether Arlo cameras record 24/7. In this article, we will explore this question and provide some insights into how Arlo cameras work.

Do Arlo Cameras Record 24/7?

Arlo cameras do not record 24/7 by default. Instead, they are designed to record video clips when motion is detected or when the camera is activated manually. This helps to conserve battery life and storage space, as recording continuously would require a significant amount of power and memory.

How Do Arlo Cameras Record?

When an Arlo camera detects motion, it will start recording a video clip of the event. The length of the recording can be adjusted in the camera settings, with options ranging from a few seconds to several minutes. These video clips are then saved to the cloud or a local storage device, depending on the user’s preferences.

Can Arlo Cameras Record 24/7?

While Arlo cameras do not record 24/7 by default, there are options available for users who want continuous recording. Arlo offers a subscription service called Arlo Smart, which includes features such as continuous video recording (CVR). With CVR, users can set their cameras to record continuously, providing round-the-clock surveillance of their property.


In conclusion, Arlo cameras do not record 24/7 by default, but they can be set up to do so with the Arlo Smart subscription service. For most users, the motion-activated recording feature is sufficient for monitoring their property and saving valuable storage space. However, for those who require continuous recording, the CVR option is available for an additional fee. Arlo cameras offer flexibility and customization to meet the security needs of a wide range of users.

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