Embark on Extraordinary Journeys Through the Lens of Photography

At the youthful age of 17, Dawn Kish initiated her photographic odyssey when she was bestowed with her inaugural camera, a Nikkormat, from her guide and mentor Sue Bennett. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 25 years, Dawn has encapsulated the very spirit of adventure, commercial ventures, and conservation initiatives through her camera lens. Her steadfast belief, “If it exists outdoors, chances are I’ve captured it,” eloquently mirrors the breadth of her diverse portfolio.

From narrating the sagas of Native Americans in her native Arizona to dangling off precipitous cliff faces in Yosemite, Dawn’s life unfolds as a mosaic of exhilarating escapades encompassing snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, and white-water rafting. Her profound affinity with nature resonates deeply, having steered rafts as a river guide in the Grand Canyon for the USGS. “The river courses through me. It resides within my heart and soul,” she reveals.

Enthralled by the National Geographic Magazines that adorned her mother’s bookshelves during her formative years, Dawn’s aspiration of contributing to them materialized in 1999. For Dawn, photography serves as a conduit to celebrate individuals, their narratives, sentiments, and the poignant instants she immortalizes. A self-taught artisan behind the lens, she excels in unmasking the genuine and expressive essence of her subjects. “My subjects serve as perpetual wellsprings of inspiration. Their vitality ignites my zeal for exploration, enlightenment, and narration.”

Dawn’s illustrious clientele encompasses notable entities such as Arizona Highways, Audubon, Grand Canyon Trust, National Geographic, Patagonia, and Sports Illustrated. Contemplating on her professional trajectory, she humbly expresses, “I am profoundly honored. I relish being a photographer. It is truly the most gratifying vocation, collaborating with extraordinary patrons.”

Accruing a plethora of awards and commendations, Dawn stands tall as a featured photographer in the book National Geographic Field Guide to Adventure Photography. She has earned accolades among the top 30 photographs in 30 years of National Geographic Traveler and among the top 50 photos ever published in Arizona Highways Magazine. Noteworthy is Dawn’s receipt of the esteemed Red Bull Illume award for her photograph titled Climbers Hand.

Driven by a fervor for storytelling, Dawn extends her artistic prowess to filmmaking. Her recent endeavor, The Tad Project, chronicles the resurgence of Glen Canyon post its submersion beneath Lake Powell. Drawing inspiration from Tad, a photographer from the 1950s who initially framed Glen Canyon through his lens, Dawn revisits the locale armed with Tad’s camera to craft a compelling narrative. Immerse yourself in the cinematic and photographic marvels of this enthralling project.