About – Dawn Kish Photography

Experience Epic Adventures Through Photography

Dawn Kish’s photography journey began at the age of 17 when she received her first camera, a Nikkormat, from her mentor Sue Bennett. With over 25 years of experience, Dawn has captured the essence of adventure, commercial endeavors, and conservation efforts through her lens. Her mantra, “If it is outside, I’ve probably photographed it,” reflects her diverse portfolio.

From capturing the stories of Native Americans in her Arizona homeland to hanging off a cliff wall in Yosemite, Dawn’s life is a tapestry of thrilling activities including snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, and white water boating. Her connection to nature runs deep, having worked as a river guide in the Grand Canyon for the USGS. “The river is part of me. It is in my heart and soul,” she shares.

Inspired by the National Geographic Magazines that adorned her mother’s bookshelf in her youth, Dawn’s dream of shooting for them came true in 1999. For Dawn, photography is a medium that celebrates people, their stories, emotions, and the profound moments she captures. This self-taught photographer excels in revealing the authentic and expressive nature of her subjects. “My subjects inspire me endlessly. Their energy fuels my passion for travel, learning, and storytelling.”

Dawn’s impressive client list includes Arizona Highways, Audubon, Grand Canyon Trust, National Geographic, Patagonia, and Sports Illustrated. Reflecting on her career, she expresses gratitude, saying, “I feel so honored. I love being a photographer. It’s the best job ever, working with amazing clients.”

Having garnered numerous awards and accolades, Dawn is a featured photographer in the book National Geographic Field Guide to Adventure Photography. She has been recognized in the top 30 photographs in 30 years of National Geographic Traveler and the top 50 photos ever in Arizona Highways Magazine. Notably, Dawn received the Red Bull Illume award for her photo Climbers Hand.

Passionate about storytelling, Dawn extends her craft into filmmaking. Her latest project, The Tad Project, documents Glen Canyon reemerging after being submerged under Lake Powell. Drawing inspiration from Tad, a photographer from the 1950s who initially captured Glen Canyon, Dawn revisits the site with Tad’s camera to create a compelling narrative. Explore the film and photos of this captivating project.